A Four Season ’55+’ resort in Southwestern Ontario

There are many …

‘manufactured housing communities’
‘mobile home parks’, ‘lifestyle communities’ and ‘retirement resorts’ …

… however there are none other that will be more desirable in Ontario than            Oriole Park Resort, ten minutes west of London.

After 52 years in business, and in the same family, we’ve proven that we know what it takes, that we understand what our customers want and we can deliver!  We are ‘hands on’ management, caring, hard-working, friendly and dedicated. We offer a unique lifestyle that simply cannot be duplicated in any other park. A combination of the feeling of home ownership and adult community living … in a resort atmosphere.


Photo credit: Kit Wilson Photography

Oriole Park will provide classy and affordable 11 month accommodations in an upscale private resort setting, unlike most other communities.

Although we offer almost everything you need on site, you may still want to do some exploring and visiting. Within ten minutes in either direction, there’s an abundance of shopping in either small villages or London, a city of over 300,000. From malls to art galleries, theatre to groceries and banks, you’re only minutes away from anything you’ll want or need.

      ‘1 1/2’ with front deck and carport          Single wide with wraparound deck

   Photo credit: Kit Wilson Photography       Photo credit: Kit Wilson Photography

Photo credit: Kit Wilson Photography                       Photo credit: Kit Wilson Photography


        ‘1 1/2′ with Built in Deck                                Double wide with 24’ front deck

You can buy a beautiful and fully customizable, double wide General Coach mobile home to compliment your new lifestyle.  We are excited to announce that we are now offering 11 month occupancy, only closing for the month of February.  There are many re-zoning issues to transition from a seasonal campground to a year-round resort and we have been able to work through most of them.   Rest assured that we are working hard to be open all year and are confident that we will be successful.

What to do for the month we are closed?

Perfect time to take your vacation! (We will be!!) Oriole Park will offer some travel packages, bus trips and is partnering with several warm weather, U.S. resorts and extended stay motels along the U.S. east coast and southern U.S. who are providing extremely affordable monthly rates. For example, a furnished two bedroom condo in Myrtle Beach can be rented for only $650/month however these must be booked well in advance to get this rate as they are swooped up quickly. We also have connections with several local motels and home owners in Port Stanley who also provide affordable monthly rentals. Please check with us for any of these details and we’d be glad to help make arrangements and lists of attractive, affordable opportunities.

What makes our resort different than a mobile home park?

The difference is that Oriole Park is a resort, not just a place to live.  Where we do offer affordable living, we’re not here to simply provide cheap living.



We want you to feel like you’re living’ on vacation’ with our beautiful trees and gardens, a vibrant community centre with live entertainment, bistro and bar, spa, fitness, library,



recreational workshops, salt water pool, outdoor recreation and a supportive and active community.

20140621_190202Three and four season resorts’ have been around for years and are incredibly successful across North America. Our $2.7 million redevelopment plan to provide extended stays for 200 empty-nesters, retirement aged couples, singles and snowbirds affordable in a five-star, private, gated state-of-the-art adult resort community, follows the same successful lifestyle community enjoyed not only in Florida but now, across the continent.

This plan will provide an adult and senior community the lifestyle they are looking for, the respect, independence, ownership and enjoyment they deserve.

Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

Why wouldn’t you want to live in our resort surrounded by friends, the outdoors and peaceful, beautiful surroundings as long as possible. With lifestyles changing, many adult singles and couples are retiring earlier and want to downsize and travel.

Beautiful gardens, water features, patios

This resort will provide all the prestige of quality resort stays in an affordable environment with people who want the same lifestyle. It’s all about the community, a community of same aged neighbors, similar lifestyles and freedoms, people who care. You see your neighbors and nature instead of walls and traffic, you can be as active or private as you choose, either way, you’ll be surrounded by friends.