Model Homes for sale

  All models are sold!


20 models on order!

We’ve been selling them before they’re built so we’re now ordering several at a time.  The waiting period is becoming longer as we, and General Coach continue to become busier and the interest in moving to Oriole Park continues to grow.   If you’re interested in seeing the floorplans now, there is still some opportunity to choose your own colors before finalizing.  So, you can now purchase a model already ordered to ensure your placement instead of waiting to see it when it arrives and take the chance it will be sold.

One to be installed May 2019, one in June 2019, 2 – 3 in August, 16 – 17 between September 2019 and April 2020.  

If you’re looking to custom design and build your own, as of the end of February, new home orders will be installed 8 – 9 months following the finalizing of plans and pricing.  This may change with General Coach’s production schedule.