Our legacy


This resort has been family owned and operated for over 56 years. For as many years, it was known for its famous swimming pool (the largest in Canada), safe family camping, full entertainment program and beautiful picnic grounds.

Times changed however and so did the demand for extended stays and for an ‘adult only’ clientelle in an upscale resort, similar to the southern states. In order to change with this growing trend, we made a tough decision. After years of research, we decided to concentrate our efforts on longer-term occupancy which made it necessary to close to the daily public and become a private resort. It has   proven to be a very successful move.

Our resort has developed into a family with our residents considering it ‘home’, maintaining the property, planting gardens, driving the community events and social gatherings such as morning brunches, poolside activities, neighborhood fish fries and huge community events with live entertainment, game shows and seasonal parties. Guests of our residents are welcome.

Our pool, complete with beautiful patio and raised multi-level deck is one of our latest attraction. Gardens envelope it and every bit of modern technology was incorporated. Probably the one most talked about feature was the imported salt water, giving swimmers the ultimate in a perfectly clean, therapeutic, soft, luxurious swim. Adults love it! It’s located between several gardens and next to the new 8′ waterfall. Our customers also take advantage of the many community patios (some with fire pits) throughout the park.

We are nearing the end of our ‘transition’, and our $2.7 million redevelopment. 160 of the intended 200 sites have now been redeveloped and many already rented. 2014 saw a huge influx of new residents and our busiest year ever.  Then 2015 and 2016 just continued to grow as new folks moved in and took advantage of prime locations in a lifestyle that we all love. Then 2017 exploded with 24 new home sales in one year!  2018 is already half booked and we anticipate being full within the next two years.  As we build around the trees, many folks looking for large double wides are already finding lots that will accommodate the size of the homes are in huge demand and are quickly being occupied.  So why wait?  Life is short and demand is high.   Tours and model homes available.