Updated March 2019

Due to the overwhelming interest in Oriole Park, we are continuing to try to keep up with tours, sales and installations.  Because of the tremendous increase in sales with both Oriole Park and General Coach, the manufacturer of our modular homes, any new orders will see a 9 – 12 month wait period, after application is approved to installation.

We are also so very happy (relieved, proud, tired and somewhat nervous) to announce that, after 14 years, our application for year round has finally been approved, which will simply add to the already steady stream of orders.  To best prepare for the influx of new residents, we have already ordered 20 new model homes to begin installing in June 2019, continuing through to July 2020 at which time, if there are any available lots, we will fill the remainder with models, which will then fill all lots in Oriole Park.

If you would like to custom order a home in lieu of purchasing one of the models already on order, it’s highly recommended that you begin this process as soon as possible.